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We write great Mac software for graphic artists, designers and photographers.
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Our newest app for transposing colors in images. Perceptually uniform results. Shift colors like a pro.
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A lightweight, super-fast image browser for solid-state drives. And it generates image catalogs too.
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A color comparison tool for use with the X-Rite ColorMunki spectrophotometer. Save thousands by using the device you already own.
The Storage-Top Desk for Mac
A desk designed by a Mac developer for Mac users. Attractive, super-functional, and made with real wood right here in the USA.
Visit Klevr Furniture to learn more.
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The ultimate color transposition tool that kicks PS’s butt

A lightweight, super-fast image browser and catalog maker

Visual display calibrator for LCDs, CRTs, plasma displays and projectors

The application launcher with a 50,000 foot view

Color comparison tool for use with the X-Rite ColorMunki spectrophotometer

Unmatched image masking for table-top photography

Automated page generation for signs, labels, price tags and shelf talkers

Menu bar extra for adjusting display and keyboard backlight brightness

Photoshop Plug-Ins
Plug-ins for masking and advanced color manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Klevr Furniture
Unique, tool-free, super-functional furniture designed by our very own Mac developer.

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