We write unique Mac apps for
graphic artists, designers and photographers

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The ultimate color transposition tool

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Peels logos and illustrations off their backgrounds

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A lightweight, super-fast image browser and cataloger

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The application launcher with a 50,000 foot view

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Visual display calibrator for LCD displays and projectors

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Color comparison tool for use with the X-Rite ColorMunki spectrophotometer

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Automated page generation for signs, labels and shelf talkers
(Update coming soon)

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Image masking for table-top photography
(Update coming soon)

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Menu bar extra for adjusting display and keyboard brightness
(Update coming soon)

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Photoshop Plug-Ins
For masking and color manipulation in Adobe Photoshop
(Replaced by Peeler)

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Klevr Furniture
Unique super-functional furniture designed by our very own Mac developer.

bergdesign is an indie software developer that writes apps for macOS and iOS.

We've been writing Mac apps since Mac OS 7. That's System 7 not OS X 10.7, so we have quite a bit of Mac experience :)