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SuperCal™ is a visual display calibrator capable of measuring and correcting most conventional displays, including LCDs, CRTs and projectors.

SuperCal doesn't require any hardware measurement devices - only your eyeballs.
macOS 10.12 Sierra

SuperCal has been updated to version 1.2.5 to eliminate a crashing bug under macOS 10.12 Sierra when attempting to save the profile.
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Have a question?

Check out the FAQs (frequently asked questions). Inside you'll find lots of answers accumulated over years of SuperCal's history.

SuperCal is recommended in Matt Neuburg's excellent Take Control ebooks. Click for more information on the ebook Exploring and Customizing Snow Leopard.
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SuperCal™ is a visual display calibrator capable of measuring and correcting most conventional displays, including LCDs, CRTs and projectors. SuperCal doesn't require any hardware measurement devices - only your eyeballs - yet it can be much more accurate, based on how well you pay attention to what you're doing.

Existing visual calibrators assume that you have a display that behaves like the textbook ideal CRT. They don't consider the fact that LCDs don't behave like CRTs at all nor that most displays have flaws that affect their behavior.

This is where SuperCal comes in.
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SuperCal lets you accurately measure the response of any display and build a profile with a corrected gamma table that improves the display’s appearance. When your display is properly calibrated, you'll notice more accurate tonal gradations and cleaner-looking anti-aliased text.

SuperCal was designed to provide the most accurate calibration possible without the use of a hardware measurement device. Very few users can afford to purchase a hardware calibration device like an X-Rite or Colortron, but all users need a properly calibrated display, whether they are retouching digital images or shopping for clothing on the internet.
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SuperCal has an assistant-like interface that leads you through all the required steps to build an accurate ColorSync profile.

Each step has the necessary instructions and tips to help you along, while the included user manual covers all the intricacies of display calibration.

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SuperCal is shareware which means that you can download it and try it out for free. When SuperCal is used unlicensed, all measurement and calibration operations will function normally, but the resulting ColorSync profile will be crippled. The profile will correct your display's visual appearance, but using the profile in ColorSync-aware applications like Photoshop will result in inaccurate colors rendered to any output device. Once SuperCal is licensed, you can open any existing profile that you have created and re-save it to repair the profile without having to repeat the measurement process.

When you're ready to purchase, just click the "Unlicensed" button at the bottom of SuperCal's assistant window, then click "Purchase a license" to open the built-in store and buy a license for $19. If you previously purchased a license through Kagi, see "Note for existing Kagi customers" below.

After checkout, the app will auto-activate and you'll receive a receipt with your serial number which is good for simultaneous activation on up to five computers.

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For Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.12 Intel

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For Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.9 Universal

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For Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.3 PPC

After downloading and unzipping, simply drag and drop the application to the destination folder of your choice. It is recommended that you install SuperCal in the "Applications" folder, but it can be installed anywhere on your system, if you prefer.

Note for existing Kagi customers:

Older versions of SuperCal were shareware-on-the-honor-system and didn't require a serial number. Starting with version 1.2, SuperCal now requires a serial number.

If you previously purchased a license through Kagi, you can request a store coupon to acquire a new serial number for free. Simply download the new version of SuperCal and open the license dialog, then request a new serial number from there. This will open your email client and create an email request for you to send to us.

We are fulfilling these requests manually, so please bear with us while we email yours to you. Many registrations are very old, so we are not blindly sending them out to old stale addresses, hence our choice to respond manually to requests by email.

Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. SuperCal is a trademark of bergdesign inc. Covered under US Patent 7,304,482.