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Maskerade is a revolutionary application for table-top photography.
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Using a simple two-photo technique, Maskerade can generate a perfect, transparent image of an object just as though you've 'peeled' the object off of the background.

Subtle, sub-pixel details and transparency are captured perfectly and effortlessly with no further editing required.

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Maskerade saves the masked image as a native Adobe Photoshop file for easy post-processing and compositing.

It's ideal for use in print, on-line, in video, or in composite photos and special effects.

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No other software or hardware solution can do what Maskerade can do.

While there are a variety of tools available for graphics artists and photographers to mask items out of images, none of them really compare to Maskerade.

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Check out the FAQs (frequently asked questions) for lots of additional information about Maskerade.

Download from bergdesign
Maskerade is distributed as a full application that runs as a demo until purchased for $99. This means that you are encouraged to download and try out the application for free, but it will place a watermark on the final image until it is registered.

If you like Maskerade and want to continue using it, you can purchase your copy and remove the watermark. Upon purchase, a valid serial number and activation key will be sent to you which will convert the demo into the full version.
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A new version of Maskerade is coming soon.

Photoshop and the Photoshop icon are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Maskerade is a trademark of bergdesign inc. Covered under US Patent 6,377,269.