Still Image Samples

With Maskerade, two source photos are used to generate a single masked image. The "Source Photos" shown here are average quality images that were captured with a DV video camera. The "Final Images" are masked images that were generated from the source photos, then saved from Maskerade.

The Final Images are Photoshop files, so you will need Photoshop 4.0 or later to open them. The files have 2 layers - a transparent layer and a background color layer. You can manipulate them as you wish, such as duplicating the transparent layer to make multiple layers or just changing the color of the background layer. They will give you a good feel for the quality of the masked images that Maskerade can generate.
QuickTime Movie Samples

Each of the following movies was produced by capturing two still frames from a Sony DSR-200A DVCAM using Radius PhotoDV, then processing them with Maskerade. The resulting masked image was then exported from Maskerade as a QuickTime movie with an animated colored background. The movie export feature is just an extra little feature to demonstrate the quality of a masked image.